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MAPS teams with organizations that offer monitoring of the water quality of Mullett Lake’s ecosystem in order to balance human activity with nature’s needs.

Water Quality is based on 3 forms of measurement:

  1. PH Balance – State Law mandates between 6.5-9.
  2. Dissolved Oxygen – State Law mandates 5-7 parts per million
  3. Conductivity – indicator of water pollution

TestingConductivitySince MAPS formation in 1985, Mullett Lake has consistently stayed within range on PH Balance. However, the dissolved oxygen levels have risen steadily from 9.5 in 1998 to 12.5 ppm in 2004 in line with many new properties being developed or enhanced. Conductivity increased in the period from 1987 to 2004, but has been decreasing since 2007.

These stats show us we have work to do and routine monitoring is required.

Shoreline integrity and composition determines the viability of many of aquatic lifeforms.

From the Mullett Lake Shoreline Survey of 2008 conducted by Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council:

Seawall“Data collected during the shoreline survey indicate that human activity along the shoreline of Mullett Lake is negatively impacting the lake ecosystem and water quality.”

  • Nutrient Pollution (as indicated by presence of Cladophora algae) was noted at 59% of properties.
  • Erosion was documented at 12% of properties
  • Of the Greenbelts found, 64% were in poor condition
  • Shoreline alterations were found at 58% of the properties


Informing property owners and offering suitable and affordable solutions is a big part of what we do.


Many property owners are seasonable residents with less time to dedicate to being informed. We are challenged to find ways to meet our residents where they can be found so they have a chance to understand the role we all play.

Identifying and assisting contractors who can implement the solutions is another part of the necessary human/nature ecosystems balance.





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