Our Lake

“What attracts people to Northern Michigan? In general, people come north to enjoy the natural beauty of the area pristine’s ecosystems, but if asked for one specific landscape feature, most would undoubtedly say our ‘lakes.’ Lakes define the landscape in Northern Michigan and sustain local economies providing stunning views, abundant fisheries, and tremendous recreational opportunities. brochureimage

“Many words come to mind to describe Mullett Lake: immense, fantastic, deep, enchanting, beautiful, vibrant, and diverse.”

–Excerpt from Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council 2009 Report 


MLandWatershedMullett Lake is the 4th largest of 5 ‘Giant’ Lakes in Northern Michigan with over 17,000 acres of surface area and a depth of 144 feet.

With over 1000 homes on its shoreline and approximately 39 species of fish (according to 2017 Survey), this lake is a massive ecosystem that requires balancing nature with human enjoyment.

That is where the Mullett Lake Area Preservation Society (MAPS) plays a role along with a number of other agencies who assist us in translating the science of water quality and shoreline integrity into senseless application by property owners.

An ecosystem of this size is NOT an island. It requires monitoring of the interaction between tributaries and rivers that Mullett Lake flows into: Cheboygan River, Pidgeon River, to name a few.




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