Meet Board Member, Marty Jones

Marty Jones is new, this past year, to the MAPS Board but not new to Mullett Lake or fishing. Like many of us, Marty met the Grande Mullett through his spouse’s family firmly ensconced in Mullett Lake Village since the turn of the last century.

As the Chairman of the MAPS Fishing Committee, you would expect an avid fisherman and you would be correct.

An average day finds Marty on the Lake at sun up, live bait fishing for pike and evenings, if they’re biting, trolling for steelhead and walleye using a lead core line. He works on golf in between to just round out his day!

Marty is retired and has finally moved to his Mullett Lake home permanently this year. He has an interesting background and two very distinct careers. He practiced
dentistry for several years and then decided to try his hand at laboratory equipment sales to biotech companies (25 years) and then returned to dentistry prior to retirement.

His educational background gives him a solid and knowledgeable resource for our MAPS Board and mission. His undergraduate degree is in zoology with a heavy
emphasis on Freshwater Biology. Through his studies at Ohio State he worked through the F.T. Stone Laboratory on Lake Erie’s Gibraltar Island, studying Fishery Science.
Stone Lab is the oldest freshwater biological field station in the country.

When asked what led him to MAPS, he replied, “I always read the Newsletter, attended yearly meetings and admired the goals of the organization.” His closing statement, and as chair of the Fishing Committee, says it all, “I love to fish.”

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