Landscaped Greenbelt Under Construction

Darrell Schwalm writes:

MAPS is partnering with a Scotts’s Bay homeowner to construct a landscaped greenbelt.  The purpose is to provide a bioengineered rock revetment to protect the shoreline against ice and wave erosion.  It will also provide a natural, vegetative habitat and buffer to replace the lawn that extends to a narrow beach and water’s edge.  MAPS will provide cost share funds for the plants that will be used along the shoreline.


The pictures show a before picture of shoreline and front yard, the newly constructed enlarged beach access site and the shoreline silt fencing, a section of the shoreline lined with a pervious ground cloth and gravel base for the rock revetment, and the rocks that will be hand-set for the gently-sloped rock armored bank.  Much of the construction and rock work is being done by the homeowner.  The greenbelt design and silt fencing to protect the lake from any sediment runoff from the construction was approved and inspected by the county.


MAPS will provide additional photos of progress on this impressive project by a stewardship-minded Mullett Lake property owner.  MAPS will use this greenbelt as a demonstration project because it will showGreenbelt 3Greenbelt 2Greenbelt 4Greenbelt 1 how to construct a bio-engineered rock revetment and an attractive vegetative shoreline greenbelt with adequate lake access points for swimming, boat hoist extraction, and dock access.

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