Setting the Stone Rip-Rap Shoreline

Darrell Schwalm writes:
Placing field stone rock on top of the pervious ground cloth and gravel is not an easy job.  The homeowner has chosen to use rocks that will complement similar rock used in landscaping around the house.  These rocks are being hand-placed to form a level, 23 degree sloped to prevent ice flows from grabbing a rock and pushing or pulling it out of the bank.  An alternative design is to use a row of large rocks as a bottom footing, and smaller, 9″ average, diameter rocks to fill in the slope.  In either design, the level, sloped rock bank will allow ice to flow over the rock surface.
Once the rock bank is established, wave action will deposit sand and organic matter to fill in the gaps between the rocks.  The homeowner will have the choice of allowing plants to grow between the rocks to further stabilize the bank, or weed out any growth to highlight the rock surface.
Also notice in the picture how the silt fencing is reinforced on the inside with sand at the bottom.  It also continues to keep construction materials out of the lake and lake water out of the construction area.  The current lower lake level helps this.
Placement of the rock revetment will continue until the end of this week.  Next week, additional rocks will be placed on the lawn to form an edging for the two landscaped, greenbelt beds to be planted along the rock revetment.
Darrell email #2

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