Stone Shoreline Bank Completed

Darrell Schwalm writes:

Our newest shoreline bank greenbelt project continues to make progress. The field stone rock construction on top of the pervious ground cloth and gravel on the shoreline bank is completed. These rocks were hand-placed to form a level, 23 degree sloped to prevent ice flows from grabbing a rock and pushing or pulling it out of the bank. The rocks are in the 9”-13” diameter size with larger rocks at the water’s edge to provide a base or “toe.

The next step will be to use additional rocks to create an outline for the landscaped greenbelt plant beds. Another row of larger rock will be placed along the top of the rock embankment and on the grass to form the beds. New soil to create the beds will be filled in over the grass. These rock-lined beds will complement existing beds in front of the house and along one side of the shoreline property.#2 - 1 (3)-1.jpg#2 - 2-1

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