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Your MAPS Dues/Contributions at Work

Last week, your MAPS Board of Directors authorized $1000.00 to help the Arenac County Walleye Club update their walleye rearing facilities. The Arenac County Walleye Club has provided us walleye to stock in the past for which are grateful. We are putting your MAPS dues and contributions to work acknowledging the past, and creating the future……..MJ Walleye

It’s your lake…..

2 pictures from Parrott Point on Mullett Lake this morning 8/30/18. Still lake bathing? Part of this soap scum is yours even after you leave.  All it takes is a good storm for the lake to look like this.  The leach field in your septic system filters the soap scum you wash out of your bathtub.  Perhaps it is time to consider taking your shampoo off the dock?  People didn’t used to clean up after their dogs either.


Lake Bathing

Volunteer Fall Stream Monitoring

It appears that Fall Stream Monitoring in the Mullett Lake Watershed is going to be scheduled for the weekend of September 23rd. A morning of low-key training will be held September 15th.  Our volunteer field activities are family friendly, fun, educational, and typically are completed by noon.

We are  generating meaningful water quality data.  Why not consider joining us? More information will be posted on this site as details become available.

For an overview of the program, please click on the hyperlink below:

Volunteer Stream Monitoring

DNR Fisheries Report Library Link

We are so happy to see so many people following our website!

At the MAPS Annual Meeting interest was expressed in seeing more fishery information. The first link below provides you access to the total DNR Fisheries Library. The second link takes you to the most recent Fish Survey of Mullett Lake. Enjoy and share with your Facebook friends and anyone else you think would be interested!

DNR Fisheries Library