We would be happy to add YOUR name to one of these Committees!


Board & Beach Watcher Development Committee

  • Chair: Deb Chapman
  • Function: Seek out and organize a network of individuals to act as eyes and ears for the Board to know what is happening around the lake and to identify possible new board members


Tribal Relations

  • Chair: unidentified
  • Members: as Required
  • Function: To represent the Board and the MAPS members interests to the various tribes


Projects Committee

  • Chair: Darrell Schwalm
  • Members: Herm Boatin & Deb Chapman
  • Function: To provide the communication link between the board and the organizations with whom MAPS is working


Zoning and Website Maintenance Committee

  • Chair: Duane Engstrom
  • Members: as Required
  • Function: To oversee zoning issues affecting the well being of Mullett Lake and maintain the MAPS web site


Fishing Committee

  • Chair:
  • Members: as Required
  • Function: To encourage and help with Walleye planting. To keep the membership and public up to date on fish plantings, lake surveys, research results, and activities of the Northern Inland Lakes Citizens Fishery Advisory Committee.


Membership Committee

  • Chair: Deb Chapman
  • Members: Sandie Lawson & Duane Engstrom
  • Function: Solicit new members and manage present membership and oversee publication of newsletter