Get Involved


Please write to us about the ways you would like to get involved. We have several areas for you to consider (see below), but don’t hesitate to suggest your own idea/s.

Volunteers help us with:

  • Boat Washes to raise the awareness of Invasive Species and how to keep from spreading them.
  • Routine Water Quality Monitoring to check levels and to stay within sound parameters.
  • Surveys for Invasive Species spread through regular surveying of the area.
  • Revetment work on inlets and outlets.
  • Fund Raisers to pay for scientific surveys to keep us on top of our Lake’s Health issues.
  • Information Distribution to raise awareness using a variety of methods.



We graciously accept all contributions:

  • Time in helping us with various initiatives to combat invasive species, etc.
  • Information adding to our overall effectiveness
  • Monetary or other resources such as equipment/tools or property access.
  • Inform others (we can help you with necessary information or share our website with them)
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Offer Resources

If you can provide a key resource to help us further our efforts, we would love to hear from you. Some of the items that are useful include:

  • Boats and Docks for Surveys and Fishing
  • Lake Access for Aquatic Surveys and Water Monitoring
  • Equipment to assist with Greenbelt Preparation (shovels, small dozers, etc.)
  • Personal Gear for Volunteers
  • Anything you think might assist us!