Keeping Mullett Lake and its surrounding watershed healthy for generations to come!

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Get Involved


Please write to us about the ways you would like to get involved. We have several areas for you to consider (see below), but don’t hesitate to suggest your own idea/s.

Volunteers help us with:

  • Boat Washes to raise the awareness of Invasive Species and how to keep from spreading them.
  • Routine Water Quality Monitoring to check levels and to stay within sound parameters.
  • Surveys for Invasive Species spread through regular surveying of the area.
  • Revetment work on inlets and outlets.
  • Fund Raisers to pay for scientific surveys to keep us on top of our Lake’s Health issues.
  • Information Distribution to raise awareness using a variety of methods.



We graciously accept all contributions:

  • Time in helping us with various initiatives to combat invasive species, etc.
  • Information adding to our overall effectiveness
  • Monetary or other resources such as equipment/tools or property access.
  • Inform others (we can help you with necessary information or share our website with them)
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Offer Resources

If you can provide a key resource to help us further our efforts, we would love to hear from you. Some of the items that are useful include:

  • Boats and Docks for Surveys and Fishing
  • Lake Access for Aquatic Surveys and Water Monitoring
  • Equipment to assist with Greenbelt Preparation (shovels, small dozers, etc.)
  • Personal Gear for Volunteers
  • Anything you think might assist us!


Our Organization

Board of Directors

HERM Boatin


Scott’s Bay



MAPS is a non-profit Michigan Corporation formed pursuant to the provisions of Act 162 of the Public Acts of Michigan of 1982.



Maps was established in 1985


Fisheries Research

Mullett Sturgeon1

MAPS, Sturgeon for Tomorrow, and MSU planting Sturgeon in Mullett Lake 8/25/18

 Status Report of the Fisheries Resource in Mullett Lake. MDNR: 2017             Download PDF to Read or Print HERE (68 pages with graphs, tables and maps)

Mullett Lake Watershed Protection Plan.TOMWC: 2002                                        Download PDF to Read or Print HERE (89 pages with graphs, tables and maps)

Creel Survey Report for Mullett Lake. MDNR:2010                                                  Download PDF to Read or Print HERE (2 pages of tables)

Walleye Dynamics in Michigan’s Inland Waterway. MDNR: 2014                     Download PDF to Read or Print HERE   (9 pages with graphs, tables and illustrations)

Michigan’s Lake Sturgeon Rehabilitation Strategy. MDNR: 2012                      Download PDF to Read or Print HERE (26 pages with graphs, tables and text)

Cheboygan River Assessment. MDNR: 2015                                                                Download PDF to Read or Print HERE (588 pages with graphs, tables and illustrations)

Mullett Creek Watershed Management  Plan

Sturgeon Distribution and Status in Michigan. MDNR: 2006                              Download PDF to Read or Print HERE (20 pages with graphs, tables and maps)

Management Plan for Lake Sturgeon in Black Lake. MDNR: 2016                    Download PDF to Read or Print HERE (34 pages with graphs, tables, pictures and maps)


Mullett Lake’s Fish Species

  Smallmouth Bass                               

Yellow Perch                                                 


Northern Pike                                                

Lake Sturgeon                                               

Steelhead Trout


Lake Trout

White Bass

Largemouth Bass





Our Lake


“Many words come to mind to describe Mullett Lake: immense, fantastic, deep, enchanting, beautiful, vibrant, and diverse.”

–Excerpt from Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council 2009 Report 

Key Features:

  • MLandWatershed4th largest of 5 ‘Giant’ Lakes in Northern Michigan
  • 17,000+ acres of surface area
  • Depth of 144 feet
  • 1000+ homes on its shoreline
  • Approximately 39 species of fish (according to 2017 Survey)
  • This lake is a massive ecosystem that requires balancing nature with human enjoyment

That is where the Mullett Lake Area Preservation Society (MAPS) plays a role along with a number of other agencies who assist us in translating the science of water quality and shoreline integrity into sensible application by property owners.

An ecosystem of this size is NOT an island. It requires monitoring of the interaction between tributaries and rivers that Mullett Lake flows into: Cheboygan River, Pigeon River, to name a few.




Our Challenges

Invasive Species

  • Are species of plants or animals that are non-native to the area
  • Their introduction is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health


Shoreline Alterations


Shoreline Erosion

Online Soil Erosion Assessment Tool

Stormwater Runoff


Boating Safety


Our Initiatives

MAPS Implements Best Practices and Brings the Science to Our Lake

Clean Boats Clean Waters

MAPS works with other organizations in the Mullett Lake Watershed to provide Boat Washes and education



MI Natural Shoreline Partnership


MI Shoreline Stewards


The Michigan Shoreland Stewards Program provides recognition for lakefront property owners who are protecting inland lakes through best management practices on their property.

Water Quality Monitoring

MonitoringTeam3 forms of measurement:

  1. PH Balance – State Law mandates between 6.5-9.
  2. Dissolved Oxygen – State Law mandates 5-7 parts per million
  3. Conductivity – indicator of water pollution

From the Mullett Lake Shoreline Survey of 2008 conducted by Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council:

“Data collected during the shoreline survey indicate that human activity along the shoreline of Mullett Lake is negatively impacting the lake ecosystem and water quality.”

Fishery Management